The period of the first 12 weeks after transition to the ICON system.

Hypercare includes:

  • ICON workshops using real school data including eHR – Payroll workshop for school’s 1st pay run

  • Access to the ICON Service desk from the day the school goes live with a focus on resolving issues, where possible, at first call.

  • ‘Pro-active’ monitoring of school requests by ICON consultants so that timely intervention or tailored support for schools in hypercare is provided.

  • Support for 2nd pay run/ end of month

  • Training for school leaders in the use of a School Self-service Dashboard so that they are able to monitor ICON service requests the school has raised with the Service desk when they transition to BAU.

  • Support with the transition to BAU – Transition to BAU checklist

PPT - Hypercare Overview ICON Schools 2022.pdf