ICON Consulting Services

eAdmin Consultants

Our ICON eAdmin Application Consultants are subject matter experts in eSIS, eFIN and eHR and assist schools in their use of the ICON applications and support best practice processes. Where a school's support request cannot be resolved at 'first call' the eAdmin consultants will provide eAdmin expertise.

eLearn Consultants

The ICON eLearn Consultants are subject matter experts in the eSIS 'elearn' modules eg. attendance, student semester reporting, pastoral care, and Community Portal including excursions & parent-teacher interviews. They also have expertise in how student data within eSIS is provided to other third-party applications such as The Insight Assessment Platform and ePlan.

Meet the Team

Collectively, our ICON eAdmin Consultants carry nearly 30 years’ Administration experience working in Primary and Secondary Schools. They have expertise in financial management (including accounts receivable/debtors), as well as the management of student information. Their approach is collaborative as they work with schools to understand their requirements with a focus on continuous improvement.

Our eLearn Consultants have worked in both primary and secondary schools. They have expertise in the eSIS 'eLearn' modules and collaborate with experts in student learning services to ensure ICON processes support the policy and guidelines of CECV or the diocese.

eAdmin Consultants

  • Jennifer Ali

  • Laurel Hill (BBus-CPA)

  • Maree Valles (BBus)

eLearn Consultants

  • Aaron Davis

  • Cathy O'Halloran

  • Richard Callanan

  • Sudeepti Maddala

Key Contacts

All support requests are registered by contacting the Service Desk. Support requests that cannot be immediately resolved will be escalated to ICON Consultants in Level 2 Support. Note that users can raise a support ticket and request it be assigned directly to a team member above.