ICON Support Documentation

ePortal support resources for ICON schools can be found here.

These resources are designed for users of the ICON ePortal to be able to login and access ICON applications as well as for school ePortal administrators to support school staff to access the ePortal. To find out more about the ICON ePortal click here.

eAdmin support resources for eAdmin (eSIS, eHR and eFIN)  processes are available here

These resources are designed to enable school administration staff and leaders to  undertake common tasks using the ICON applications.  To find out more about eAdmin click here.

eLearn support resources for schools using the 'eLearn' modules within eSIS are available here.

These resources are designed to support staff to use these modules once they have undertaken training. To find out more about the 'eLearn' modules click here.

ICON Support Resources Catalogue and Google Drive

The full catalogue of ICON support materials can be accessed here.  School staff can search the catalogue by using the shortcut Ctrl F.

All ICON support materials for can also be accessed via the ICON Support Resources Google drive.  Resources include Quick Reference Guides, videos, fact sheets, and other materials. 

A Citrix installation guide is available to users that require access to Citrix for their role in ICON.

ICON Fact Sheets are also available for school leaders to use with staff or the school community.