School Services

The following support is available to ICON schools:

  • Service Desk - first point of contact for any system performance issues, assistance with Access Requests, navigating screens or data integration issues.

  • ICON Training - available for Principals, administration staff and other authorised staff in the use of the ICON applications.

  • Business Process Consulting - available for ICON school staff. This Level 2 Support is provided by ICON Application Consultants to ensure the use of ICON applications supports best practice.

User Access

Access to the modules in ICON is based on selections made by the school during the pre-flight system as well as roles assigned to different staff members in eSIS. If relevant staff in your school do not have the correct access, the principal will need to request a change to access using the ICON User Access Request Form.

Please use this form to request a user role to be created, updated or removed in eHR, eFIN and/or eSIS. Download the document and open in Adobe Reader. Please note that this form needs to be sent into the Service Desk from the Principal's email.