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Personal Leave Allocation Update

11 April  2024


The annual Personal Leave Allocation has been completed by MACS for all schools during the term holidays.

Balances were loaded for staff current on the OSR as of  29/01/2024.


Important notes:


Action Required:

Review of the PRS and eHR to ensure allocation for each active employee is loaded. ICON workshop sessions advertised on  OPL are available for school administration staff. These sessions will provide instructions on how to review the PRS and generate the report from eFIN to aid the reconciliation.

If there are discrepancies or an employee did not receive their allocation:

MACS Shared Services Schools:


Non-Shared Services Schools:


ICON Refresher Workshops - Term 2.

11 April 2024

ICON Refresher Workshops for Term 2

ICON Principal/ Leader workshops for Term 2.

ICON New Administrator training days

MACS Shared Services Primary School Administrator Duty Planner

26 March 2024

The MACS Shared Services Primary School Administrative Officers Duty Planner 2024 provides office administrators with an overview of the key activities and due dates for each term.

MACS Shared Services Primary Administrator Duty Planner

eAdmin Workshops for Regional Networks or School Admin Clusters

25 March 2024

eAdmin workshops customised for MACS regional networks or school clusters, to enhance the capabilities of school administration staff in using eAdmin applications can be arranged with the ICON Training & Consulting team.

These customised eAdmin workshops can be designed to suit the needs of the members of the regional network or cluster of schools. These workshops complement the current support and training already provided by the ICON Training and Consulting team. 

The purpose of the eAdmin workshops is to provide specialised support and expertise to enhance school administrators’ knowledge of specific workflows using the eAdmin applications.

Suggested workshop topics could include the following: 


Workshops can be:


*New school administrators are encouraged to attend the new admin training offered by the ICON Training team.  The new admin training provides an overview of the eAdmin applications and key processes rather than in depth exploration of specific topics to be covered in these workshop sessions. 


ICON Trainers and consultants with expertise and knowledge of ICON to advise schools in best practice strategies.

Next Steps:

For any questions about this offer, or to arrange for a workshop at your next regional network, or cluster of schools, contact Fiona Turner, Manager ICON Training and Knowledge Transfer via email:

End of Year Student Rollover/ Fee Generation - Common Questions

30 January, 2024

ICON End of Year Rollover/Fee Generation Common Topics 

This document is for school administration staff to resolve common questions or issues that may arise after the EOY student rollover process is completed and 2024 fees have been generated. 

School administration staff are encouraged to use this document to help rectify and correct issues regarding changes to students and classes, as well as correct fees for debtors after the fees were generated by the ICON support team.  

ICON Administrator Training and Refresher Workshops - Term 1

17 January, 2024

ICON New Admin Training and  ICON Refresher Workshops are now available for term 1.

New Administration Training covers:

- eSIS – Primary school – 2 days

- eSIS – Secondary school – 2 days

- eFIN/eHR – Shared Services schools (Primary/Secondary) – 1 day

- eHR – Non-Shared Services schools (Primary/Secondary) – 2 days

An overview of the current training & workshop sessions can be found here. 

Register for this activity in OPL via CEVN website. The full training and workshop offering can be found by searching ICON activities category in OPL.