ePortal Videos

Intro to ICON ePortal Dashboard.mp4

Introduction to the ICON ePortal Dashboard

For first-time users of the ICON ePortal this video explains the menu options and features of the ICON ePortal.


First time login process for staff and parents

This explains the process for staff or parents who login to the ICON ePortal for the first time.

Manually Reset passwords.mp4

Manually Reset Staff or User passwords - ePortal Administrator

School ePortal Administrators can manually reset a user’s password. This process might be used where there is concern that there has been security issues or where students require support in receiving a new password. Resetting passwords can also be done in bulk.


Assign User Roles

In this video the process for assigning ePortal user roles to school staff by the ePortal Administrator is explained. Once a user role is assigned access to the appropriate tile or menu item on the ePortal Dashboard will appear.

View All Users.mp4

View all Users in ePortal

School ePortal Administrators can view all users in the ePortal. They are then able to export a spreadsheet containing the user’s Name, Email, User type and Year Level, which is able to be used for other purposes within the school.

Reset password Staff&Parents.mp4

Reset password for school staff or parents

For school staff or parents who have forgotten their password they can reset their passwords using options presented - via email or on-screen. In this video the process for resetting passwords for these users via the ICON ePortal is explained.