eAdmin Business Processes

ICON eAdmin business processes are outlined below for eSIS, eHR & eFIN.

The key business processes and subsequent processes are outlined in order to guide ICON school staff to find the process and the appropriate school self-help resources that will support them in completing common tasks in ICON. To access the key business processes page for eSIS, eHR or eFIN click on the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the document to open in full screen.

NOTE: Where an ICON school has selected a Shared Services option then this is indicated alongside the business process. Part or all of the process may be undertaken by the Shared Services team. Schools that have opted for this service should be aware of where the shared service team performs the process in ICON.

eSIS: eAdmin Business Processes
eHR:eAdmin Business Processes
eFIN:eAdmin Business Processes